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Products I Use

This section is meant to help make shopping easier by giving a list of products that I have checked and have found no sugar or refined grains in them.  However, it helps to always read the labels… sometimes products change and I have been wrong too.  Also, I am always interested in finding  new products that I can eat.  I look forward to finding more of these through reader comments.  Obviously, all fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats are OK and do not need to be listed here.



Canned fruit packaged in 100% Juice

Dole fruit cups packaged in 100% Juice

Smuckers Simply Fruit Jam

Polaner All Fruit Jam

Crofter’s just fruit spread



most canned tomatoes and tomato sauce are canned without sugar, however it is always good to read the labels as several varieties do contain it and products within brands vary.

Great Value Brand Pizza sauce contains no sugar – very rare in a pasta sauce.



Ezekiel Bread

Ezekiel Cereal

Generic Brand Grape Nuts

Shredded Wheat (no frosting)

Generic brand whole wheat pasta (I have found that name brand whole wheat pastas are made from a blend of whole grain and not whole grain flour while generic brands are made with only whole wheat flour)

Mama Mary’s 100% Whole Wheat pizza crust (sweetened with honey)

Triscuit crackers (some flavored varieties contain sugar)

Snyder’s of Hannover Whole wheat and oat pretzel sticks

Natures Path Organics – fruit juice sweetened corn flakes and various puffed grain cereals

Gia Russia Whole Wheat and Sweet Potato Gnocchi



Canned navy and black beans (other varieties are often canned with sugar)

Hebrew National Hot dogs

Nathan’s Brand Hot dogs


Convenience foods (boxed mixes)




Capri sun 100% Juice and Super V drink pouches – I especially like super V

Juicy Juice

Odwalla drinks (most flavors- read the labels)

Old Orchard 100% Juice Frozen concentrates

Other 100% juice drinks

RW Knudsen spritzers (fruit sodas)

Izze sparkling juices (anything other than the sparkling natural soda line)

Martineli’s Sparkling Juices

Ocean Spray Sparkling Cranberry

V8, V8 Fusion and V8 Fusion Sparkling

Reed’s premium ginger brew

Reed’s light 55 calorie extra ginger brew

Virgil’s Zero Sodas

Virgil’s Sparkling Juices

Sonoma Sparklers (other than the lemonade flavor)



Julie Bar (except versions including cranberries)

Larabar (except varieties including chocolate chips, the chocolate chips have sugar)

Mariani Honey Bar (cheaper than many other bars and even the cranberries are only sweetened with juice, which I love!)

Sunspire Grain Sweetened Chocolate Chips

Sunrype Fruit strip and fruit source bars

Buddy fruits – pure fruit bites and pure blended fruit (the “smoothies” are made with sweetened condensed milk – translation – sugar)

Barbara’s Bakery Fig Bars

Barbara’s Bakery Cheese puffs

Lilly’s Chocolate bars

Heavenly Organics Honey Patties

minute maid juice bars – popsicles yum!

Mott’s freezer bars – more popsicles!

Simply balanced fruit snacks (from target)

Brother’s all natural crisps (freeze-dried fruit)


Organicville organic ketchup (sweetened with agave nectar)

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