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My Eating Plan

This Page is meant to describe the way I eat and why I eat that way.  In order to create this plan, I read many articles on my specific condition as well as books and articles on various diets.  I used the information to come up with what I would consider “best practices” for healthy eating.  I am sure that I could make various changes that would help me lose weight faster, however, my goal was never to lose weight.  Although, this was an added and appreciated side effect as I have always struggled with weight loss.  Also, I appreciate good food and would not be able to continue in a plan that did not allow me to enjoy what I eat.  Since this was always meant to be a permanent change in my life I choose to eat in a way that I can be happy with for life.

**Disclaimer – this is meant to describe the way I eat based on what works for me and my understanding of the research I read, although it is based on overall healthy eating methods that have been promoted by many researchers and authors,  I encourage anyone who wants to get healthier to engage in their own research and find an eating plan that works for them.

A Quick Look

this small section is a quick overview of the “rules” I follow.   I will go into more detail later.

– I only eat whole grains – brown rice, whole wheat, whole oatmeal, whole corn…  It is difficult to find commercial products without refined grains.  Look for products that say “whole” as many labels try to trick the consumer.  “wheat flour” is NOT whole wheat flour – also if the product is “enriched” it was probably refined first.

– I only eat natural sugars – fruit juice, agave nectar, stevia, honey (This was added after I got pregnant, I have since learned that it is equal to refined sugar on the glycemic index, if I were trying to get pregnant again I would probably cut it out again.) I don’t know about molasses, I don’t use it – it is processed but it is the stuff they take out of white sugar so it might be good.  I avoid artificial sweeteners.

– I try to eat fruits and vegetables they way God intended – whole.  I only eat white potatoes if the skin is on them – With out it, they might as well be pure sugar.

– I eat lean meats – chicken, fish, seafood, sirloin cuts of steak and lean ground beef

– I only cook with olive oil or canola oil – because of their “healthy fat” content

The Extended Version

This portion is in progress and will be updated soon.

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