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Quest For Health

A little about my Journey

I have created this blog to give people access to the things I have learned over the past 6 years of trying to live a healthier lifestyle.
I love to cook and love good food, unfortunately when I gave up sugar and white flour I discovered that nearly every product I used contained one or both of these ingredients in some form.  This meant if I really wanted to give these things up I would need to make almost everything from scratch. This was a little intimidating at the time as I was working full time and had 2 hours of commute time a day.  However it was possible, and even though I have since added two children and college classes into my already full schedule, I make it a priority to cook healthy foods.   I have modified many of my own recipes to fit my new diet and I have found and modified recipes from others.  Since many of my friends and family have asked for advice and recipes I thought that I might make them publicly available and give all people access to the things I have learned, so that they too may improve their health.   On this blog you will find healthier versions of foods that we want to eat (like cake and ice cream), recipes to replace common ingredients (like cream of mushroom soup) and recipes for really good food.

So… let me tell you how I got here…

When my husband and I got married I assumed that it would not take long to get pregnant and start our family. Unfortunately after 7 years we had still not had any success. So… it was off to the doctor for me. After reviewing my symptoms, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I learned that this is one of the main causes of infertility in women, my doctor put me on the standard medications of Clomid and Glucophage. After three years, a miscarriage and numerous increases in dosage we still had no child. My husband and I were very discouraged and had little faith that the medication would ever be effective.

It was at this time that I met a friend who had similar trouble getting pregnant. She said that her problem stemmed from food allergies and after making drastic changes in her diet she was able to get pregnant. After our conversation I began researching my condition on the internet. I learned that PCOS is like having diabetes in your reproductive system.  Although I was never diagnosed with diabetes, this made sense to me because I have diabetes everywhere in my family, I also now understood why glucophage was part of the standard treatment for this condition.

Next, I learned about food and what I should eat in order to fix my condition. After much research and prayer I created a diet that fit my needs. I stopped taking the medicine and after a year and a half was pregnant.  A little over 2 years later I gave birth to a second child.  Both of my daughters are healthy and beautiful.  I know that the miracle of their births would not be possible without this change in my diet.

Another point that has helped me make and keep these changes, despite the difficulty, is this: my husband is diabetic.  His health has slowly declined for several years but until recently, when he got Neuropathy in his  hands and feet, he refused to make changes in order to slow the progress.  As I have watched his decline and seen the pain that has been caused by this disease, I know that I need to do everything in my power to make myself and my family healthier.

Now, after seeing the power that food can have over our bodies I choose to continue to eat healthy, I keep my small children away from “bad” foods and I want to encourage the whole world to do so as well! I have been told that I am crazy and that I am amazing for switching to a healthier lifestyle but what others think of me makes no difference.  When I look at my beautiful daughters I know that it was all worth it and I am not going back!

I know that what I do will not work for everyone and I encourage anyone to do their own research when struggling with health issues.  You might be surprised to find how much food is affecting your life too!



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