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As Easy As Ramen Soup



Every once in a while you just have to cook something SUPER SIMPLE… for us Ramen noodles fit the bill.  They are so quick and easy!  When my husband was on his mission he learned to embellish it which makes it so delicious, but is still SO easy – at least as easy as you want it to be.  To make it oh so much better, you simply follow the package directions and add meat and veggies of your choice.  – to make it super simple, all you do is, throw in some leftover meat – your choice and some frozen veggies – your choice.  Boil it until everything is hot and serve.  It takes maybe 15 minutes!  Well unfortunately this has been something that I had to do without…. Until recently when I realized I had exactly what I needed already in my pantry…

Product DetailsWe found this in a local store and bought it to replace the noodles in some Thai dishes we love.  Sadly, they stopped carrying it locally and I needed to start buying it off Amazon. com, which means that that I have to buy it in bulk and we just don’t use it that fast.  It sat around for quite some time before I had the idea to use it to replace Ramen Noodles – I SO wish I had thought of it before!  Anyway, here you go.  I hope you enjoy!

Easy as Ramen Soup


As Easy As Ramen Soup – and better for you too!

brown rice vermicelli about 1/4 of a package

cooked meat of choice

vegetables of choice

bullion of choice

4 cups water

1 egg (optional)


1. Add water to pan, bring to a boil.

2. Add bullion

3. Add meat and vegetables to pot

4. After vegetables are nearly finished cooking, add noodles, cook until tender (2-3 minutes)

5. Beat an egg and drizzle it slowly over boiling water.

5. Serve and enjoy


So Simple!

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